Ara Vartanian is an authorial hit maker. Few designers have in their repertoire a list so full of iconic pieces with an extremely marked signature.

In the family of rings, the Kitten model suggests several possibilities of use, with different fittings and multiple combinations of stones. Black, white or brown Diamonds, blue Sapphires or Rubies, you name it. Two- or three-finger rings, on the other hand, make it possible to wear rare, high-carat stones with comfort, without impairing the natural mobility of the hands, balance and prominence difficult to achieve in conventional models. There is also the unisex line, which shines with geometric shapes originated with the initials A and V, graphic and optical effects in plain gold rings, set with diamonds or without stones – this is where the unmistakable Shark Ring comes from. Among the most recent creations in the ring family is the open ring model, inspired by piercings and with an ingenious flotation effect of the stones.

The earrings line is not far behind in the diversity of classics signed by Ara Vartanian. The renowned Hook Earring is the best example of Ara’s concern with building a dialogue between his pieces and the female body. The model, which has a perfect fit and anatomical shape, can be used in two ways: involving the lobe, or in a more traditional way, positioned downwards. The piece can be developed in different gems and highlights the inverted diamond technique, signature of the designer and which is already in the ears of several international celebrities. Names like Lara Stone were also enchanted by the Bone Earring that reproduces a bone in amazonite or set with diamonds. A timeless hit.

If the idea is to explore movement in the earrings, other lines fulfill the mission well. The Whip Earring is a reinterpretation of the Fishhook earring and joins the anatomical shape that embraces the ear with a smart disposition in a progressive and gradient sense of the diamonds, from the largest to the smallest. The technique of inverted diamonds continues to give the cards here. Mobile Earrings have two-dimensional and three-dimensional versions that follow the same idea of ​​balance and geometry of the Chandelier line. The movement of these creations exudes delicacy and highly values ​​white diamonds or chocolates and emeralds chosen for their assembly.

Ara Vartanian is known for his transgressive spirit when it comes to jewellery. His longer necklaces, which take the natural attention away from her lap and drop below her breasts, also enter the list of creative icons of his trajectory.

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